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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

All of my life I've had a knack for quoting movies and songs. So it wasn't a surprise to my family and friends when I decided to use a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies,"Shag" as my business slogan..."We have the most fun!" From my years of experience with this life changing company, your career doesn't feel like work when you are having fun!
And that is exactly what my Scentsy adventure has been for me, the most fun! Some of the best memories I have made along my journey have come from Scentsy home parties, Scentsy booths at festivals, as well as local Scentsy deliveries where I have the opportunity to build relationships with people that now feel like family. I took my Scentsy opportunity at a time in my life where I simply wanted more: more time with my family, more flexible spending, and more opportunities. Through Scentsy I have truly found MORE of these things all the while discovering more about myself. I have gained confidence, skills and self-esteem while gaining more trips, more adventures and more fun. I am dedicated to helping my team find MORE as well, all while having the most fun!